Privacy policy

Privacy policy

The main activity of SIA “MR” is the provision of car rental and transfer services. SIA “MR” is committed to protecting any personal information provided by the customer – current, potential or former.
The purpose of this privacy policy is to provide our Client as an individual with information about the purpose, scope, etc. of the processing of personal data. The Privacy Policy applies to data processing regardless of the form and / or environment in which the customer provides personal data (on the website of SIA “MR”, in a mobile application, in person, in paper format, by e-mail or by telephone).

1. Processing of personal data.
In order to enter into a car rental or passenger transportation agreement, fulfill its obligations to the Customer and ensure the fulfillment of contractual obligations, SIA “MR” needs to collect, process and store the Customer’s personal data.
Personal data is any information that pertained to the Customer as a natural person (personal code, address, e-mail, telephone number and any other information that can be collected to identify a specific person). SIA “MR” can also receive information about the Client if the Client uses the services of SIA “MR” social networks. SIA “MR” processes personal data for the following purposes: 1.1. Provision and provision of services (customer identification; preparation and conclusion of a contract; reservation and administration of car rental; fulfillment and provision of contract obligations; communication with the Customer; improvement and development of services; advertising and distribution of services or for commercial purposes; customer service; review and processing of objections; loyalty program administration, customer retention, loyalty building, satisfaction surveys, billing administration, debt collection and recovery, website and mobile application maintenance and performance improvement).
1.2. For business planning and analytics (statistics and business analysis; for planning and accounting; for conducting market research; for conducting customer surveys; for collecting customer feedback; for conducting and providing commercial and marketing activities).
1.3. For the fulfillment of legal requirements – for the provision of information to public administration institutions and subjects of operational activities in the cases and to the extent specified in external regulatory enactments.
1.4. For other specific purposes, about which the Customer is informed at the moment when he provides the relevant data to SIA “MR”. The information and personal data provided by the Customer in connection with the purposes specified in this policy will be collected, processed and stored in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory enactments of the European Union regarding the protection of personal data.

2. Application of privacy policy.
The Privacy Policy applies to ensuring the protection of privacy and personal data with respect to:
for natural persons – customers (including potential, former and current), as well as third parties who receive or transfer any information to SIA “MR” in connection with the provision of services to the Customer (including contact persons, payers, etc.);
SIA “MR” office visitors;
SIA “MR” website visitors, social networks and mobile applications for visitors.

3. Acquisition of personal data.
SIA “MR” obtains personal data as follows:
compiling data and information provided directly by the Customer to SIA “MR” (by telephone, e-mail, in person, skype or in a virtual conference room on the website);
compiling the data provided by the Customer by filling in any forms and information fields on the website of SIA “MR”;
SIA “MR” website using cookies; receiving authorizations of other persons with included personal data.

4. Legal basis for personal data processing.
SIA “MR” processes the Client’s personal data on the basis of the following legal bases:
4.1. for concluding and performing the agreement – in order to enter into an agreement with the Client and ensure its performance;
4.2. for the fulfillment of regulatory enactments – in order to fulfill the obligations specified in binding external regulatory enactments;
4.3. in accordance with the Client’s consent;
4.4. for the protection of legitimate interests – in order to realize the legitimate interests of SIA “MR” arising from the agreement or law concluded between SIA “MR” and the Client:
Within the framework of this policy, the following are considered to be the legitimate interests of SIA “MR”:
the right to conduct business; provide autonomous and transfer services;
to verify the Customer’s identity before concluding the agreement;
to ensure the fulfillment of contractual obligations; prevent unreasonable financial risks for its business save Customer applications;
contact the Client;
Administration of the customer’s participation in the loyalty program;
to analyze the operation of SIA “MR” home page, internet sites and mobile application, to develop and implement their improvements;
to administer the Client’s account on the website of SIA “MR”, on the Internet and mobile websites;
to segment the customer database for more efficient provision of services;
advertise your services by sending commercial communications; send other reports on the progress of the performance of the contract and events relevant to the performance of the contract, to conduct Customer surveys and inquiries about services;
marketing activities;
to prevent fraud;
to provide financial and business accounting and analytics;
to ensure efficient company management processes;
to ensure the efficiency of service provision;
to ensure and improve the quality of services;
administer payments; to administer outstanding payments;
to apply to public administration and operational institutions, courts or debt collection companies for the protection of their legal interests;
to inform the public about its activities.

5. Storage of personal data.
Personal data about the Client obtained by SIA “MR” is stored both in paper format and in the company’s information system. Personal data shall be kept for as long as is necessary for the purpose for which they were processed. In reality, personal data is stored for as long as there is reason to believe that claims may be brought in connection with the contractual relationship concluded between the Customer and SIA “MR”. Personal data that is no longer needed for a specific purpose is deleted. The Customer has the right at any time to request the renewal of his data, information on the use of your personal data, as well as to request the deletion of his data.

6. Communication with the Client.
SIA “MR” communicates with the Client using the contact information provided by the Client – by calling or sending text messages to the specified telephone number, sending an e-mail, sending letters / notifications to the Client’s postal address.
Communication with the Client about the reservation of services is performed by SIA “MR” on the basis of the Client’s request, but regarding the fulfillment of contractual obligations – on the basis of the concluded agreement. SIA “MR” may communicate with the Customer within the framework of commercial announcements and / or marketing activities (for example, informing the Customer about news, special offers, information about SIA “MR” services, discounts, promotions, as well as upcoming events and competitions. “MR” is performed in accordance with external regulatory enactments or in accordance with the Client’s consent.
The Client may consent to the receipt of commercial communications and / or information on marketing activities on the website of SIA “MR”, on the spot in the office, by e-mail; such consent shall be valid until revoked.
The client can revoke the consent by sending a letter, e-mail or in person at the office of SIA “MR”. SIA “MR” may contact the Customer in other cases as well (for example, by responding to the Customer’s applications, requests; by conducting a Customer Satisfaction Survey).

7. Transfer of information to third parties.
The collected data will not be transferred to third parties, but in certain circumstances, if it would be necessary for the purposes of data processing specified here, or if such an obligation is imposed by regulatory enactments, SIA “MR” may transfer the Customer’s personal information and data to third parties: if the relevant third party must transfer the data within the framework of the concluded contract in order to perform any function necessary for the performance of the contract or delegated by law (for example, to a bank, an accounting service provider within the framework of settlements);
IT service companies – for data storage and maintenance of information systems;
in accordance with the Client’s explicit consent;
to the persons provided for in external regulatory enactments upon their justified request, in accordance with the procedures and to the extent specified in external regulatory enactments;
SIA “MR” for the protection of legitimate interests (for example, by applying to a court, debt collectors or other responsible institutions);
in case SIA “MR” believes in good faith that the disclosure of data is necessary to protect other rights of SIA “MR” (for example, to investigate potential violations of SIA “MR” terms and conditions or to identify, prevent or detect fraud or other security issues).

8. Use of cookies.
SIA “MR” website uses cookies – small files, which, each time the Customer visits our website, the browser saves on the Customer’s computer in the amount specified in the Customer’s computer’s browser settings.
SIA “MR” uses cookies to improve the functionality of the site and facilitate its use, obtain information about the intensity and statistics of site visits, identify new or previous customers and improve marketing communication.
If the Customer does not want cookies to be used on the devices used by the Customer, the Customer may change the browser security settings and choose not to save and / or delete cookies. However, for full and convenient use of the website of SIA “MR”, we recommend using cookie storage.

9. Changes.
SIA “MR” reserves the right to make changes to this policy at any time, therefore the Customer is obliged to constantly follow the changes. Previous versions of the policy will be available in the website archive.

If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data, please contact us:
SIA “MR”, Ventspils street 50, Riga, LV-1002, Latvia.
e-mail:, phone.+371 27654444.

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